Meet the Staff


cathyCathy is the person you will likely encounter when you call The Tri Doc. She is the person responsible for scheduling, insurance, payments, administration and just about everything else. She is our front desk superstar.

Cathy decided to get into the healthcare field after making a huge change in her own life. Cathy had lived for an extended period of time in an unhealthy state and one day woke up and said, NO MORE! She started by altering her diet and walking. She continued this process and made huge changes, in fact her dedication and discipline lead to a 90 lb weight loss. Wow! Most people that meet her today would never guess that she struggled with weight issues, but she did and she overcame. We got lucky enough to talk her into working at The Tri Doc and the rest is history.

Cathy is married to her high school sweet heart Joe and they have two children Cody and Hailey. When Cathy met Dr. Tuggle for the very first time she announced that she wanted to do an Ironman. True to her word, she completed Ironman Texas in May 2015. She has completed many other races, but for some weird reason, she loves running marathons.